Coffin/Ballerina False Nails (Short Clear)


Press your way to instant glamour with this edgy By Vixi short nail in a clear finish. With tapered nails that have squared-off tips to make them resemble coffins or ballerina shoes, this is a great style for nail art. Easy to apply, file, cut and shape, they come in 10 different widths to fit you flawlessly with a natural finish. They elongate your fingers in lightweight and sturdy material. This style is a must have for every fashionista.


Coffin Clear Nails Short

Size 0: 13.0mm Wide -22.0mm Long
Size 1: 12.5mm Wide -  21.5mm Long
Size 2: 12.0mm Wide - 21.0mm Long
Size 3: 11.5mm Wide - 20.0mm Long
Size 4: 10.5mm Wide - 19.0mm Long
Size 5: 10.0mm Wide - 18.5mm Long
Size 6:   9.5mm Wide -18.0mm Long
Size 7:   8.5mm Wide - 17.5mm Long
Size 8:   8.0mm Wide - 17.5mm Long
Size 9:   7.5mm Wide - 17.0mm Long

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