Oval False Nails (Medium Opaque)


Draw attention to your hands with this stylish yet classic By Vixi medium nail in an opaque finish. Similar to the natural shape of the base of the nail, it has tapered sides that round into a blunt oval. It elongates your fingers in a seductive yet feminine fashion that is flattering to all nail beds and hand types. Each kit comes with 10 different widths to fit you flawlessly in lightweight yet sturdy material. These nails are easy to apply, file, cut and shape so you can create the look you want. This classic nail is a must have that never goes out of style.

Suitable for:

  • Wide range of use: with their stylish design, these false nails can be used to create all styles of nail art designs; Great for all special occasions and perfect for everyday use.
  • UV/LED Gel nails, Nail Varnish, Gel Polish, Matte Gel, Nail Art, Acrylic and Fiberglass.
  • Great idea for gifts: these Oval false nail tips are easy to apply; They are removable and reusable full cover nails with a natural look. This wonderful kit would be great for friends and family.

Oval Nails Medium

Size 0: 14.5mm Wide - 24.0mm Long 
Size 1: 12.5mm Wide - 23.0mm Long 
Size 2: 12.0mm Wide - 22.5mm Long 
Size 3: 11.0mm Wide - 22.0mm Long 
Size 4: 10.0mm Wide - 21.0mm Long 
Size 5:   9.5mm Wide - 20.0mm Long 
Size 6:   8.5mm Wide - 18.5mm Long 
Size 7:   8.0mm Wide - 17.5mm Long 
Size 8:   7.5mm Wide - 17.0mm Long 
Size 9:   7.0mm Wide - 16.0mm Long 

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