STYLIDEAS STYLFILE Nail Products and Accessories for Your Beauty (Nail File X 6)

  • ✅ 10 years on from the start of STYLIDEAS and Tom and team are feeling pretty fabulous. There is no better way to celebrate than with the product that started everything, only 10 times more fabulous!
  • ✅ File fabulous with original STYLFILE nail file, coated in dazzling rhinestones for shapely, sparkling and slightly superior nails.
  • ✅ Using our award-winning S-Shape design, nails are shaped in-line with their natural curve for a smooth and stylish finish.
  • ✅ The ergonomic shape enables your non-dominant hand to shape the other.
  • ✅ Top that with a layer of glamorous pink and white rhinestones and you’ve got a very important purchase!
  • ✅ Pack of 6, all the nail files you will need for a while.
Inventor Tom's unique curved shape makes filing quick and easy. With two different abrasive sides, the all new s-file is the Two-Step nail file that shapes and smoothes the nail.Tom says "I love inventing products which make life better. The s-file follows the curve of the nail, Making filing quick and easy. I hope you enjoy it." stylfile story: "watching my sister file her nails one day, I hit upon the idea of a curved file. The curve of the s-file follows the nails' Natural shape, making it easy to achieve a great-looking finish, even when using your 'other' Or non- dominant hand. For a professional finish, Use one surface to shape and the other to smooth. As an engineer I've specially selected the abrasive to be long lasting - the s-file lasts up to 12 months." Directions: always file from the nail edge towards the centre, then repeat, filing from the other edge of the nail. The s-file's curve is designed to make this quick and easy. With use the s-file will wear out and will need to be replaced.

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