Signature Lashes No.10 (3D Wispy Doll Eye)


By Vixi Signature Lashes No. 10 - Natural, Wispy, Lengthening, Doll Eye, Open Eye, 3D: Full and fabulous, this natural wispy style is edgy and dramatic. With its volume and intensity, it draws attention to your eyes without being overpowering. Longest in the center, this tantalising layer-edged silk falsie has an open-eye effect, giving the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes with a doll-eye like flutter. The Signature No. 10 guarantees the spotlight is always on you. 

- Lightweight

- Reusable 

- Black Band

Each pair of lashes comes with 1g clear strip lash glue*. 

*Strip lash glue contains latex

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