Rimmel Insta Colour Correcting CC Primer Lavender 30ml


Sold individually

Want the London look? Colour correct your skin concerns with Rimmel’s Insta CC Primer. Brighten sallow skin with this lightweight, lavender-toned primer to perfectly prepare and balance the skin. Apply alone or blend with foundation for a brighter, more radiant look. Correcting skin discolouration and looking selfie-ready has never been simpler. Rimmel London is an inner confidence that how we look is always cool, irreverent, never predictable and always evolving. Rimmel is not perfection or intimidating, it is like London: Young, urban, eclectic, edgy. It is expression with no rules, it is real, it is accessible. Live the London look.

  • Brighten sallow skin
  • Prepare and balance the skin
  • Blur Imperfections
  • For a brighter, more radiant look
  • Lightweight formula

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