FIDENTIA Bond Remover | Non-Greasy Wig Glue Dissolvent | Tape-in & Keratin Hair Extensions Bonding Solvent - 100ml

  • SOFTENS keratin bondings to break and dissolves tapes to detach wigs, toupees and hair extensions more easily
  • SAFE to skin, base material (lace, PU and others) and hair as it is not an aggressive citrus solvent
  • APPLICATION: apply generously, let it sit for 3-5min before you detach the tape or glue or break the keratin. Never pull with force. Apply more if needed. The solvent cannot dissolve the bonding magically. Use a fine comb to get residue out and wash the hair with special extension or wig shampoo twice.
  • MADE IN THE UK - produced only with fully certified and controlled ingredients in UK facilities.
  • INDUSTRY STANDARD - if you have difficulties detaching your bonding it may be because of the glue or tape used. The stronger it is the harder it gets out and may damage your hair. Be patient and trust a soft, save remover.
Remove adhesives for an adult unisex. The products of the Fidentia brand are designed to take care of yourself, pamper yourself and make you feel beautiful every day of the year.

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