BeautyHeist Eyelash Extension Supplies Eyelash Layer Tool For Efficient Aid For Eyelash Grafting For Beginners Professional Makeup Tool Alikiz

  • Improve work efficiency during eyelash extension. Increase the number of customers, and increase income.

  • Speed up the growth of novices

  • Avoid direct contact between eyes and tweezers. Avoid glue contact with eyes and skin.

  • Assist in making multiple styles of eyelashes

  • If the eyelashes are accidentally stuck to the Aid Tool, please use tweezers to gently and patiently remove the eyelashes can prevent the client from hurting.

Eyelash Separator For Eyelash Extension Efficient aid For Eyelash Grafting For Beginners Professional Makeup Tool LAUKISS How to Use 1. Place the eyelash aid under the eyes at 2-3MM for example. Layer the eyelashes, put the first layer of eyelashes on top (the instrument is tilted 15 degrees to pull) 2. After the layering is over, use a brush and tweezers to spread the layered eyelashes for finishing, and then use the inline tweezers to graft the first layer of eyelashes. 3. After the first layer is grafted, put the tweezers into the 3-4MM position of the root of the eyelashes to separate the eyelashes on the aid. 4. After grafting the first layer, turn the eyelashes upwards and gently press the first layer of eyelashes with the tape, after separating the second layer of eyelashes, start grafting, and so on

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