Strip Lash Adhesive with Brush (5g) - Black


An essential for your make-up kit.

Our 5g Black Professional Strip Lash Adhesive with brush-on applicator allows you to apply the lash glue in a thin, precise glue line to ensure your falsie go on effortlessly.

This lash glue has a super strong hold for long-lasting, all-day wear & comes as a black glue to give the perfect blend into your eyeliner or a clear glue for a gorgeous natural look.

Our lash adhesive is a latex lash glue & applies so easily, it's perfect for newbie lash-wearers getting to grips & experience MUA's looking to up their game!

Safe, durable & easily removed with any make-up remover.

For tips & tricks on lash application, check out our How To video!


*Strip lash glue included contains latex

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