Ikibity Eye Shadow Stamp Crease, Lazy Eyes Makeup Tool, precise eyeshadow in seconds, Eyeshadow Applicator with Crystal Ball Handle (3 Sizes)

  • Easy to use. First, Apply eyeshadow powder on the eye shadow stamp. Then, Brush up flash eyeshadow on the first layer . After that, use the stamp to cover your eyes. Now, A double color glitter eye shadow is glittering on your eyes, which makes you look so charming.
  • Do it well and do it fast. With this wonderful eyeshadow, a delicate eyeshadow can be finished just in a few seconds.So fast. It is perfect for Beginners and Busy people.
  • Suit for most people. Each pack contains 3 stamps with different sizes (1.65",1.97", 2.17") to match most people. Just choose your loved ones.
  • Elegant design. It is designed with a diamond crystal handle which makes the eyeshadow stamp looks so beautiful.
  • Package content: One Acrylic Eyeshadow stamp Handle with 3 Sizes Silicone Stamp
Ikibity devotes ourselves to developing professional makeup tools. Our main goal is to bring the much more convenient makeup tools and natural plant extract makeups for our customers. Soft Silicone Stamp with Acrylic Handle What are your thinking about when you see this eyeshadow stamp at the first time? There is a diamond crystal handle on it. Yes, that is amazing and attractive. 3 Different Sizes Eyeshadow Stamps is Packed in One Box We packed 3 different sizes eyeshadow stamps in one box to ensure that the tool is suitable for you, you can choose the size as you want. Make Eyeshadow Easily Just put your glittering eyeshadow powder on the stamp,seal on your eyes, then a beautiful eye makeup comes out! Using Steps: Step 1: Apply Glittering eyeshadow powder on eye shadow stamp with eye shadow brush. Step 2: Apply flash eyeshadow powder on eyeshadow stamp. Then use the stamp to cover your eyes. A delicate double color glitter eye shadow make up is completed. Unique Fish Shape Eyeshadow Stamp Although it looks like a fish at the first sight, this eyeshadow stamp is designed according to the size of most women’s eyes. One eyeshadow stamp may not match you. However, there must be someone that suits you well from the 3 sizes stamp. Installation and removal methods: Step 1: Rotate the silicone stamp or crystal handle to separate both part Step 2: Rotate the new stamp on the crystal handle tightly. Warm tips: Please use the makeup remover to clean it when it turns dirty after being used for many times.

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