Contour by Revo - Stencil for Makeup Brushes Set - Eyebrow Pencil Tint Shaper- Nose Contour Palette Kit Organizer Tool - Contouring Cheeks & Nose - Use w/Foundation Beauty Sponge Bronzer Blush Powder

  • CONTOUR WITH CONFIDENCE: Contour By Revo is a contour stencil designed to help you achieve a sculpted makeup look with ease! Be creative with your palette!
  • SAVE MONEY: Makeup application can be messy, frustrating and expensive! Stop wasting all that valuable cosmetic product in your makeup bag and grab this contour template to design like a makeup professional artist! Great for beginners!
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: This Contour Makeup Kit was designed to fit all face shapes and sizes! Designed with an ergonomic hook to help you comfortably apply with your contour stick / makeup brush / sponge.
  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL: Sculpted Cheekbone, Defined Jawline, Slim Nose for the perfect contour finish. Built in eyebrow stencil to help tint, pencil, and micro blade. An all-around helpful and glamorous makeup product!!
  • SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: From eye shadow to lip gloss , from mascara to foundation, Beauty products can be irritating. We designed Contour By Revo with the Highest Quality material that will not irritate, and is soft to the skin.
Your Makeup Experience. Revolutionized. The first original product By Revo...Introducing Contour By Revo! We know makeup.. It can get pretty messy.... Here at Revo, we have designed a contour template to help make your makeup experience be glamorous and effortless! Our goal was simple..Design a product that can give both great function and high value to our customers. Every aspect of Contour by Revo was designed with a purpose! The material, texture, sizing, angles, curves, and overall feel were all taken into account to help make your makeup experience easier! More Money in Your Pocket. Along with making your makeup experience easier, our product was intended to help save you money $$$. Contour sticks, foundation, blush, bronzer, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil.. these can get real hefty on the wallet! Rather than wasting valuable product and time to get your contoured look right, use the Contour By Revo for amazing results. Unique is Beautiful Just as our appearances are unique, we believed this should be reflected in the design of the product. The Revo Contour Stencil is beautifully patterned with a black sparkle. An extra effort from our design team to show our customers how unique and special they all are to us! Makeup Tool Designed for All Contour By Revo can be used by anyone! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced make up artist, this make up stencil can be of great use to you. It truly makes a great addition to your cosmetic set, and tucks in comfortably in your makeup bag! Here at Revo, as the founders, we take great pride and joy seeing our customers enjoying our products. We would love for you to be part of our brand and we hope you enjoy your Contour By Revo.